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If you are pregnant or have a baby aged

3 months or less, we want to invite you to participate in our study.



What you'll need to do:

  • Feed your baby recommended vegetable foods for 4 weeks

  • Fill in simple questionnaires and baby food diary

  • Provide blood and stool samples, and child growth measurements

  • Video record your baby trying foods for the first time


You will receive FREE:

  • Infant feeding and nutrition support from an NZ registered dietitian

  • Nutritious baby foods during the 4-week trial

  • Iron and Vitamin D status assessments for you and your baby

  • Infant growth assessments

  • Fun DVD of your baby’s first food experiences




If you are interested in participating, please click below for the information sheet. If you still have questions after reading this information, you can contact one of the researchers.


To register directly, please first complete the Eligibility Screening Questionnaire by clicking on the button below.